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Smithsonian Theaters are the exclusive sites in the region showing Interstellar in 70 mm IMAX film.View Interstellar: The IMAX Experience in 70mm Film showtimes, movie information, cast photos, and user reviews.

To reach this film, I had to trudge through the rain in a seedy neighborhood to reach the sole theater showing Interstellar in 70mm.

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On Digital IMAX theaters, the aspect ratio would switch from 2.39:1 to 1.90:1.

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Film based imax runs 65mm stock sideways through the or this format means each frame of is held on a very large area while imax is technically a smaller retrofit you.

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That presented a challenge for his latest project, Interstellar.

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The 70mm IMAX presentation was the norm for IMAX-only documentaries, which were the only films shown in the extra-large format for many years, before Hollywood began presenting mainstream films in.Showing you the film path and constant checking and rechecking of film path.Interstellar comes to select theaters on November 5th in 35mm, 70mm, IMAX 70MM, as well as 4K Digital and IMAX Digital.Rather, Nolan's a big advocate of IMAX and traditional film, making the movie on both.Director Nolan filmed over 60 minutes of Interstellar using 70mm IMAX film cameras.

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IMAX Corporation even persuaded its theaters that were in the midst of switching from film to digital projection to hold onto their old equipment in anticipation of Interstellar.AutoNation IMAX Theater Chief Projectionist, Armando Mena, explains why Christopher Nolan shot Interstellar in 70mm film format, which offers the biggest, brightest, clearest images at ten times.

IMAX films should deal with sensations rather than ideas, and while there may be some gigantic ideas in Interstellar (everything from NASA to the theories of physicist Kip Thorne to worn.

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Only select scenes on the 3D blu-ray are in the taller format.Because of the costs associated with 70mm projection, IMAX introduced Digital IMAX in 2008, which is shown at a lower resolution on smaller screens (film purists have been known to dismiss it as.

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Threading up a weekend show of Interstellar 70mm IMAX film print.Interstellar is playing this weekend in six different formats, including IMAX 70mm, 70mm, the IMAX Experience, 35mm, 4K digital, and 2K digital.

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Hart, holds a 70-pound IMAX camera in the mid deck of the space shuttle Challenger in 1984.

Experience the Science-Surrounds-Us-All Actuality at this 110,000 square-foot creative lifelong learning center in the heart of Downtown Des Moines.And the AutoNation IMAX Theater is the ONLY theater south of Tampa showing the film in 70mm large format.A Blu-ray has a movie playing at 1920 x 1080 A 4K projector has a movie playing at 4096 x 2160 70mm IMAX has a movie playing at a resolution of about 12000 x 4500.Nolan himself has been a long-time proponent of large-format 70mm film projected on to the big screen, and his new war epic will be available on both Imax 70mm and standard 70mm screens.In order to display showtimes, please select a nearby theatre.

Similarly, Memento and Inception were challenging films that demanded concentration from their viewers.IMAX theaters were the last bastion of 70mm film presentations, but those, too, are nearly all converted to digital cinema projection systems.

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