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The rose gold color definitely looks dated, but with the right theme of kitchen, it looks like a work of art.

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Bodum Santos Vacuum Stovetop Vacuum Coffee Maker (formally Bodum Pebo Stovetop) Watching the Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker is a visual wonder.

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Arguably, the Chemex and Bodum pour over coffee maker are two of most popular brand for this particular brewing method.

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Renowned for its iconic French Press coffeemaker and signature Scandinavian design aesthetic, Bodum has grown into a global housewares brand, that continues to develop all products in-house under its core principle that good design should be both stylish.

The Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker creates fresh, flavorful, and fully aromatic coffee.

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You can find all Bodum coffee makers in the French Press and Percolator category on Best Buy.The French press coffee maker is accepted worldwide as one of the best methods for brewing coffee and our New Kenya coffee press is sure to deliver not only gourmet coffee flavor, but modern design.

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Buy a new coffee maker to help you brew your morning cup of Joe and get your day started the right way.Founded by Peter Bodum in 1944, for more than 70 years, Bodum has exhibited visionary innovation in the development of signature coffee products.

As coffee lovers, you more than likely are always looking for something that not only makes wonderful coffee but sometimes you also might want a coffee maker that is so cool looking that it becomes an instant talking piece of your kitchen.Most Noteworthy is the glass, which is extra-thick boro-silicate that makes it thermal shock resistant adding durability, and the plunger and mesh are made of stainless steel.The BODUM Bistro Mug Press is not only a must-have in a single household, but it is useful for anyone who enjoys a cup of perfectly brewed coffee.

Still, remember that apart from coffee makers, you may also need an airtight, durable storage space for ground coffee (I recommend a TightVac portable container): the freshest coffee is the best coffee.Water rising into the top chamber and its mysterious return as black coffee into the serving pot.

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A coffee maker, like Best Bodum Coffee Maker, puts a lot of the niceness needed in a good and exciting cup of coffee, from grinding, to mixing with water, to keeping it hot or cold as the user prefers it.

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One of the reasons why a lot of people feel Bodum ePEBO is the best electric vacuum coffee maker is because of how effective it is when it comes to its vacuum brewing method.

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The Bodum Columbia is a completely stainless steel body french press, making it one of the most durable and long-lasting coffee brewers in the world.The brand is the go-to brand for French press coffee makers, so you know they know the company has earned its coffee making cred.If you cannot fully function without morning coffee, and you hate standing in long lines at Starbucks, then all you need is a quality coffee maker.The Bodum Pebo (formerly Bodum Santos) uses heat to create a vacuum, and some really good coffee in the process.The glass coffee carafe has an easy grip non-slip handle for a firm grip when serving coffee.