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Here we provide organic spirulina in powder, capsules and tablet forms.

Superfoods: Spirulina, Chlorella, Barleygrass and Wheatgrass

Spirulina is a blue-green algae superfood with many health benefits.Spirulina is an example of the sometimes less is more adage, with just one single tablespoon packing in an impressive list of nutrients in hefty doses.It has some of the most concentrated nutrients you can find, per ounce, than almost any other food on the planet.Spirulina is a blue-green algae containing complete, balanced protein and a wide range of valuable phytonutrients.

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Chlorella Versus Spirulina: A Showdown of the Green Algae

Spirulina is of two types, Organic Spirulina and Inorganic or Synthetic Spirulina.Spirulina nourishes the body throughout and acts as a natural energizer.Even better, spirulina protein is 95% digestible compared to meat sources, which may.

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Preliminary evidence suggests spirulina is remarkably potent at protecting the brain and reducing liver fat.The spirulina contains all essential amino acids and is a complete protein thus it makes it a great food for vegetarians and vegans.

In this post we will tell you what are the incredible nutrients and composition of Spirulina.

Spirulina may be the ultimate superfood, providing a complete source of protein with all essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein.Researchers are still working to understand all the.

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We also develop our own specialty products where we mix spirulina into foods, cosmetics and animal feeds.Phycocyanin is a phytonutrient (a protein pigment) its natural light is blue and is present in Raw Living Spirulina.

Our Organic Spirulina Powder is packed with more protein than soy, making it a great meal supplement for vegans and those with allergies.

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Spirulina or Arthrospira is a blue-green alga that became famous after it was successfully used by NASA as a dietary supplement for astronauts on space missions.

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