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Poo-Pourri Uses a Fancy Lady’s ‘Creamy’ Turds to Sell Poop

Poo-Pourri returns with another hilarious ad for its new

Batiz began giving the spray to friends, who began telling other friends about it.

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One of the biggest competitions in this market has to be the Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Spray.Two years ago, I wrote a story about Suzy Batiz and her very interesting company.

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Air Wick Australia advertises its V.I.Poo Pre-Poop Spray in a new commercial, featuring a V.I.P. - aka a Very Important Principal.The children offer Santa the product as well as a number of euphemisms for going to the bathroom.

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Its quirky strategy and its way with toilet humor caught our eye and left us convinced that it would make a good read.

Poo Pourri is a deodorizer that ensures you carry yourself as a lady at all times.

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Apparently the product has been around for years and used by IBS and Chrohns sufferers as it really does keep the smell away.

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Poo-Pourri The Before-You-Go Bathroom Spray This spot is uniquely creative, engaging, and universally relevant.Air Wick launch a TV campaign to promotes V.I.Poo and some viewers think that this is a joke, not a real advert. V.I.Poo is not the first product of this kind, but the TV campaign was pretty disturbing for some people.

Daily Use One drop in the toilet BEFORE you go eliminates odors BEFORE they enter the air.

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We care about your health, your toilet, and this precious world we poop in.Being green is an important part of our business and we are meeting all Green Compliance Standards.Poo Pourri was a $10 million company before the video and jumped to a $30 million company shortly after the commercial. On...

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Once nature calls, the aroma will be pleasant and there you have it — you basically fart fairy dust.

Think back a year or two, and PooPourri.com went viral with their sweet British accented-spokeswoman chatting cleverishly about the indiscretions of bathroom smells.

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Here is an analysis of how the brand is grabbing eyeballs on social.

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