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Tour Brisbane, Queensland and beyond by helicopter - with Bekaa Air.Our photography is not computer generated images, this give us a creative advantage to mediate your vision with real life photography.Choose from thousands of Helicopters Photography artworks with the option to print on canvas, acrylic, wood or museum quality paper.Louis who fly smaller 2-seat helicopters, our aircraft can accomodate the pilot and photographer, as well as up to 1-2 passengers (depending on weight and fuel load).

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Helicopters with nose-mounted video cameras are perfect for high-end cinematography.Helicopter flights in Brisbane, charters, scenic tours and aerial photography.

To begin, an in depth briefing will help you create a personalized flight plan.RC Drone With 2.0MP HD Wifi Camera FPV QuadCopter 2.4G 6-Axis Helicopter.

Basics of Aerial Photography from an Airplane or Helicopter

Located at the edge of the Canadian Rockies, our team of experienced flight instructors offer a wide range of courses including Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Mountain Training and more.Unique, head-turning images make a distinct impact when incorporated into materials for marketing, branding, real estate, museums, resorts and event planning to name a few.The problem with tourist helicopter flights, for photography, is that you have to share the flight with others, so getting a good shot--or even a good seat--is not guaranteed.Feel free to view our Helicopter Gallery containing photos of Bell Jetrangers,R22,R44,Enstrom and Gazelle Helicopters.

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We are leaders of advanced flare aerial inspection technology with remote controlled helicopter aerial photography.It requires much more than just shooting from a high elevation, and it can be very mundane if not done in an artistic and creative way.At 7,200 ft above sea level, the lodge sits on an enormous alpine plateau that is nearly 10 km long and 2 km wide.Anyone is able to receive high-quality aerial photographs of whatever they want with our unique aerial vantage point.

Helicopters are great as a photography platform, it is possible to get an exceptional view.Our pilots will be more than happy to take a photo of you and your group with the helicopter after the flight.

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Helicopters have been used widely in the capturing of imagery for aerial film production, videography, and photography for decades.Helicopter based aerial photography provides a perfect mid to low altitude view for any type of project.Capture the perfect shot from above with our aerial photography services.

Bring the beauty of Oahu into focus on one of our unique helicopter photography flights.Of course, cropping pictures is a necessity to achieve good composition. Pay.The Eurocopter is the Luxury car of the sky but only three of the 6 or 7 seats are window seats, and the windows are usually tinted Plexiglass.

This is a page for helicopter pilots and passengers alike to share their photos and experiences with the everyday.The topography around Purcell Mountain Lodge is unlike anything else I have ever seen.Join Mark Gvazdinskas for some aerial photography tips as he shoots San Francisco and the Na Pali Coast of Kauai from a helicopter.Hiring a helicopter for a private photography shoot is no little matter as there is serious money being exchanged and also the safety factor of flying around with a door off over populated areas.

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The Secret to great Helicopter Photography is this shoot in Av mode, between f5-8.